المشاركه فى تحكيم الأبحاث مع الدوريـات الدولية التاليه :

3- Microsystem Technologies, Springer , MITE-D-17-00494: Implementation of android based electronic embedded system for monitoring of heart rate and body temperature

2-  Inderscience Publishers: to review IJMC-4191 , International Journal of  Mobile Communication

1- International Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics IJRM,  Derby University, UK. 2014-07-03 , http://ojs.unsysdigital.com ,  as a reviewer of the manuscript : “Implementation of CPG based locomotion controller on Minimule Robot,” which has been submitted to International Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics.

مشرف دبلومةتصميم النظم الإلكترونية المدمجة وتطبيقاتها : معهد بحوث الإلكترونيات وزارة البحث العـلمى

Diploma in Embedded  Electronics  Systems Design :

Introduction to Embedded Systems , C – Programming , Data Structure Theories and algorithms , Computer and Microprocessors Architecture , Software engineering , Microcontroller Interfacing  , Embedded C Programming , Microcontroller Interfacing 2 , Real-Time Operating Systems “RTOS” , Testing & Validation of Embedded Systems , Automotive Bus Technology Standards , Prototypes of Embedded systems


مشرف دبلومة تصميم نظم الميكاترونكس وتطبيقاتها  : معهد بحوث الإلكترونيات وزارة البحث العـلمى

– Diploma in  Mechatronics  Systems  Design :

Introduction To Mechatronics System Design, Overview of Mechatronics,Physical system , Modelingof mechanics for solids, translation and rotational systems, fluid systems, electrical systems, thermal systems, micro and nano systems,rotational electromagnetic MEMS, Sensors and actuators, optical photodiodes, Phototransistor , magnetic, hall effect devices  , acceleration , MEMS ACCELEROMETERS , force strain gauge and load cell (strain gauge are hard to mount on flexures ,prefab load cells are expensive , very accurate , very stiff , multiaxis load cells.